Business Solution Services

Welcome to the bright side,

this is where the systems work for you.

cloud enablement

Cloud enablement means being able to work anywhere, on any device securely.

It's how you become more productive, collaborative and responsive to customer needs in the office or in the field.

It's how you attain new levels of business agility. Allowing you to leverage data, tools, and technologies that were not available, or affordable, in an on premises environment.

digital transformation

This is how we stop printing and scanning and stop redundant data entry of information from manually completed forms into multiple systems.

Digital transformation is the process for taking your paper, to web pages and forms. It is how we enable you to use every piece of information, to propel the business process forward with automated workflows, notifications/alerts and smart schedules.

business intelligence

You need to know how your business is performing, in real-time at a glance.

That means measuring what is important at each level of the business, so that each player inturn can make the best of their effort, having all the information they need to be successful.

It means having access to dig in and find new questions to ask and being able to develop new models to test and retarget goals.

custom development

You have multiple systems that work well for the people who use them but they are not integrated, so reporting across systems is impossible or requires many manual steps and transformations. Custom development can integrate those systems.

You have older machines that are not online. Custom development can help you instrument these devices, so you can monitor them digitally.

You have an idea for a product or a solution but you do not have a software development team. We can be your team and help your vision become reality.

staff augmentation

You need additional resources for awhile. We can help.

We provide staff augmentation for:

organizational leadership, business analyst, technical experts, process improvement specialist, project management and IT administration.