our process

There's always two sides. We do both.


We conduct discovery interviews with members of our clients' teams to learn about their work within their organization. We synthesize the information from these interviews into a recommended information architecture and project roadmap.

These projects can include automation or optimization workflows, integration between systems, portals, business intelligence and dashboards, custom apps and many other ways to relieve pain points, increase efficiency and decrease business risk with technology.


After discovery we begin to prototype solutions. This step is vital to ensure that we, the Business Analysts, are always solving the problems we identified in a way that works for the users, that is the most right fit for the organizations budget, timeline and talent.


We develop solutions with our team of engineers that may be local developers or near shore/off-shore Aoibri teams, and/or often times we integrate our client’s resources into our team to deliver some of the work and learn how to continue to sustain and extend solutions for the customer.

We are an Agile practice which means a couple of things, we address the highest risk and unknown areas first, leaving the things we are certain about for later, and we deliver working solutions as early as possible because having the solution in the user’s hands is only way to prove it is the right solution.


Once we have a solution, we plan Go-Live details that include training for systems support folks as well as the business users, testing and finally release.