Not all problems are created equally,

but the process for solving them is the same.

not all business

solutions are technical

let's talk tech about

your business solutions

let's talk shop

You can't "install" optimization, collaboration or transparency.

These things are about people, and moving people for business change is what we do best.

Digital Transformation

information at your


Business Intelligence

your data, real-time,


Cloud Enablement

access your business

anywhere, any device.


Come hang out, kick our tires a bit.

Business Intelligence Breakfast

Spend your morning with aoibri to learn more about how we can make your existing data work for you.

Office 365 Lunch & Learn

Grab lunch with the aoibri team and learn about Office 365 and how it can take your organization to the next level.

let's talk tech

Infrastructure as a service, integrated reporting systems, user administration,

information management and compliance, these are the ways we can help.

Digital Transformation

turn paper into digitally managed assets.

Business Intelligence

connect to existing data with cloud connections.

Cloud Enablement

enable users to be self-serviced securely on the cloud.

aoibri [ay-breé] means worker


aoibri is focused on solving business problems which is different than "selling" business solutions. We keep the business at the forefront of our thinking, and  we advise for each client specifically and intentionally. We cannot just push one tech over another but we instead must stay in tune with what is available today and what's on the horizon. 

Our solutions may take the shape of Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards, Staff or Customer Portals, Business Process Optimization and Automation, or more IT related support like Custom Application Development​, DevOps and Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We work with our clients to find the most right fit for their timeline, budget and talent. In addition to our teams and tech, we have domain experience and subject matter expertise in the Education, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and Non-Profits.


​It takes skills, tools, experience and hard work to make great things happen. aoibri [ay-breé] has people with the skills and tools, with expertise across technology stacks and business domains. We have experience solving business problems in organizations from start-ups to Mom and Pops, SMB's to Global Corps.

Our combined knowledge crosses many domains and stays at the edges of business and technical agility. We understand that progress means making change, and that change means moving people forward. We know that sometimes people are resistant to change but we have found that curious, confident, communication and collaboration (the four c's) married to our process of discovery, design, development, and deployment (the four d's), are proven paths to success.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you. 


Anthony David Fullam (Dave)


Tampa, Florida

Kelley-Sue LeBlanc (KSL)


Manchester, New Hampshire